Endorsments for Dr. Campbell


Dr. Campell

Dr. Campbell

  “I have noticed some subtle changes within this last week.  The main thing being that things don’t fit into the same “boxes” that they used to.  How can I explain this?  Well, I keep noticing that my intellect is a little “behind”–it is trying to define my reality and experience in it’s old habitual ways, but reality isn’t *working* in those ways anymore.  I keep getting these little surprises:  Like one day I went to push the button on my radio so that it would display the clock, and the display changed before my finger hit the button.  It wasn’t “supposed” to do that!  Lots of fun little incidents like that have been surprising me.  And I have to keep bringing my awareness back to what I Choose, because that is where the real power is at.  Life has been fun lately, when I remember to Choose and to allow myself to follow the Energy.” J.R., TN

      “Hope Ya’ll had a good thanksgiving, I actually went through thanksgiving with my family, and no problems (at least for me)!! Wow, can’t believe it.” A.B., TX

“I have a little more feedback for you after my TTT experiences.  I have noticed that I’m more relaxed in general.  It showed up the most when I was preparing for an out of town trip over Memorial Day.  In the past I always got into a tense, slightly frenetic mood of “trying to get everything done”, when I was preparing for our family to take a trip.  I noticed that I didn’t experience that state at all.  I was more relaxed and letting things take care of themselves.  I was sort of just going with the flow….Now I am preparing for our family to take a 3 week trip.  The energy is similar.  I’m just not worrying about things like I used to, and somehow everything is still getting done.  It’s very nice. ” J.R., TN

      “My relationship with the person I was thinking about is so much more at ease than it was ever before. If we would use just this section of clearings regarding everybody who irritates us, we would bring so much ease into our lives.  No more buttons to push!!  I have more peace with myself as well, since this workshop. I have noticed that self-judgement has been a lot of work and I can’t even go there without so much effort that I give up. P.K., TX

      “Two weekends ago a few of us were smart enough to go to a two-day workshop with Cassandra Campbell. It was a humdinger. We were really getting to the nitty-gritty of those nasty projections, expectations, separations, judgments, and rejections we do that perpetuate our unconscious self-hatred. What a difference in my life since then!!!!!  We did one segment where we each focused on one person that we were having a problem with and we cleared each of these items one at a time, over and over.  For example, What is my projection about me that I am pretending is about them and what they are being or doing or not being or doing?” L.L., TX

“Transformational Technology and Cassandra have been the catalyst I needed to jumpstart my new business.  Three days after my second session, I received a contract for a great business assignment.  Then I asked, “How does it get better than this?”, and the door opened to an even greater opportunity.  I am so grateful for her technology, for the peace, for the joy, and for the opportunity to share with others.” C.L., Tx

      “I had been procrastinating doing a part of my job that I really hated. After the Core of Procrastination workshop, I am doing that part of my job and liking it. It is amazing!” L.T., Tx

      “What a gift! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A lifelong problem with nightmares, headaches, anxiety and procrastination went away with a one-hour individual session with Cassandra. I am SO grateful” L.L., TX

      “After attending TTT group sessions monthly for about 6 months, a situation came up where I thought I would have to leave my job in order to do the things that I really like to do. As I learned with TTT, I asked the question, “What do I have to do in order to be able to do what I really like?” Within the next two weeks, I was given the opportunity to do things IN my job that are the things that I like to do. I would never have thought that this could happen. I know that the clearings with TTT is what made that possible. Thanks!” A.B., Tx

      “I had the most AWESOME thing happen with my hand yesterday. I went to see the doctor and he took xrays to see how the bones were doing. When he came into the room and looked at the films, he was baffled. He could not understand why there was absolutely no sign of a break in my bones. I just sat there and smiled. He then told me that I will still experience some pain and asked to see my hand. He pressed on the spot where the break was and asked me if I felt anything. I didn’t, so I told him no. Again, he was baffled and told me he doesn’t get it. I then told him that I did and proceeded to share with him about TTT. He said he was a by the book doctor and didn’t believe in all this stuff, except that I am sitting here and telling him what I did, and he is looking at my xray and not seeing any indication that there was ever a break in my hand. So, HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS?? I ask!”  S.H., AZ


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