Dr. Campbell author of Personal Vibrations: Creating Heart’s Desire from Your Soul

Personal Vibrations:
Creating Heart’s Desires from Your Soul

Practical and personal tools for utilizing
The Law of Attraction and other universal laws.

The Law of Attraction is very popular at this time
and is endorsed by many well-known people.
                       It is the subject of the movie, The Secret.

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Along with focusing thoughts and imagining alternative scenarios, it is important to amplify the component of positive emotion. It is also important to sustain those thoughts, images and emotions as much, as intensely and as often as possible. That is a skill that requires tools and persistence. You can learn that skill.

Coaching and Consultations

Dr. Campbell has very effective tools for helping you:

  • identify what is truly blocking you from achieving your dreams & desires;
  • experience an unique transformational technique for releasing those blocks;
  • receive coaching applying universal laws of attraction for your unique situation.

With coaching consultations you will have a specific plan and a copy of Dr. Campbell’s book to guide you and keep you on track to achieving your desires

      Description of her book

Personal Vibrations: Creating Heart’s Desire from Your Soul
was inspired through Cassandra Campbell and a co-author. These are personal journeys with practical exercises that take you step by step into acknowledging your true heart’s desires.

Did you ever wonder why some days are so easy and others can be so hard? Sometimes everything goes exactly the way you want, yet other times you can’t get a break? Ever wonder what role you play in creating your circumstances?

You have untapped talents to choose and create the circumstances in your life. Sometimes you may unwittingly engage these talents, and amazing things happen. And you wonder, “Did I do that?” or “How did that happen?” You might be surprised to find that you are the creator that makes your world unique!

When you choose to consciously and deliberately create your life, there are tools and techniques that help you. Our purpose is to introduce you to these tools and techniques. The tools are practical and easy to use. You may find yourself wondering if the tools really work. Rest assured they do. These simple, powerful tools connect your heart to your soul, and bypass the resistance your mind and ego offer.

Personal Vibrations is an intensely personal journey. You learn how to recognize what you truly desire, how you feel about it and how to release, clear and transform any fears, judgments or doubts that may hold you back.

You learn how important it is for you to know your own heart and how to choose your emotions to make a connection to what you truly desire. Acknowledge and welcome the knowing that you are creator of this life you chose.

      You are given ways of

 connecting with your “Personal Guidance Map” ©,
 creating “Spontaneous Combustion”© to anchor specific emotional vibrations,
 taking a “Emotional Quest Image”© to establish a personal vibration of your heart’s desire,
 celebrating your journey,
 entering “The Field of Trust”© to maintain connection to your heart’s desires and Spirit.

      Experience an opportunity to create your life in different exercises, each designed to connect your heart, mind, body and soul together into one voice and one intention. As you choose this, you transform your life into the life you desire

      When you know and are connected in your conscious mind to what fuels your heart’s desires – your specific passions – you have the ability to create that energetic vibration for yourself as you choose. And what happens? Life flows more easily and results show up more quickly. You create the life you want!

The concepts and tools, on which this workshop is based, are presented in her book, Personal Vibrations-Creating Heart’s Desire, co-authored by Cassandra Campbell. All workshop participants will receive a copy of the book

      Recommendations from a Seminar

      “Seminar rated very high “10”. I’m usually very shy in groups of people I don’t know. I was comfortable enough to share whatever came to mind. Everyone’s participation was accepted and appreciated.. I enjoyed myself and learned some new things about myself.. The seminar met my needs very well.”

      “The seminar met my needs very well. It was great.  I learned what Personal Vibrations is and how it works in therapeutic settings. Overall rating “11”. This pulls together many modalities into a capsule that is easy to understand and utilize. My heart opened a lot more.”

      “I learned what is blocking my expression of my gifts and my empowerment.  I certainly felt some barriers fall. We don’t have to do it alone. Together we multiply the energies. Overall rating “10”. I thought is was great! It made me think and imagine further than I had before.”

      “The seminar met my needs very well.  Overall rating “7”.  I would like to have learned more about releasing guilt and old stinky ‘baggage’ that I hang onto.”

      “The seminar met my needs very well. Rated “10”. I would be willing to tell my best friend about this seminar.”

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To purchase her book click here.


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