Description of Services with Dr. Campbell

Descriptions of Services

Dr. Cassandra Campbell

Dr. Campbell

We invite you to experience laser-like transformation
for unlimited abundance and happiness.

Private Appointments include clearings of a deep nature.

This is the time to focus on specific issues related to you and get deeper changes. It is an intensive and direct way of transmute your personal beliefs that are no longer necessary or helpful. The typical result at the end of an appointment is that the person has no charge about the issue or simply can not remember what it was. 

“Experience one of the most proficient practitioners with this tool. Cassandra has an amazing ability to zero in on the true source of the issue and a remarkable intuitive ability to follow the energy of your soul.” S.B., Tennessee

These usually last 1 to 1 ½ hours and can be done in person or on the phone. To schedule call at 210-549-8285 or email me.

Groups and Workshops
I am available to travel to your location to conduct these. A minimum of 15 participants is required. Participation has pre-requisites. Each training provides the participants with tools that can be used for personal use. 

Intensive Programs
This uses the most current processes with regard to life, relationships and body conditions. Issues with our self, our Self and Spirit, our body, our mate, our family, as well as sexuality, money, work, job and career are addressed and cleared of limitations thereby producing enormous transformations. As this technology evolves, the newest tools and techniques are integrated into these classes. Each participant is encouraged to contribute to the process to help in the development.

Current 6 week program – Remodel your mind and thought patterns
Written exercises sent by email followed with audio energy clearings and/or meditations with a weekly group call.
Possible future topics:  The Art of Perception, Updating your personal, internal software, Expanding into Your Talents and Gifts,                          Defragging your DNA,  Cellular Sourcing/Detox Cellular Memory

6 month program begins October 2012 – Resolving Addictions
Each week – Audios/videos of clearings and written assignments;  One group call;  Email support when stuck;  One Discounted private appointment pre-paid for only $240 (regularly $300).

Focus Group Gatherings
Two- to four-hour gatherings are offered to facilitate clearings on a particular topic in a group setting. This allows a deeper level of change to take place in a short time. The dynamics of the group will bring to light many things/areas that we might not think of for a long time…if ever.

This is NOT like traditional group therapy. We have lots of fun and simply verbalize beliefs and considerations and attitudes and then clear them very rapidly. The process of revisiting traumatic past events does not occur and yet the results of those events can be cleared. Emotions are not exposed and rarely experienced because the process bypasses the mind and goes straight to the body and soul. The cellular memories are erased in this process.


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