Have you noticed the internal upheaval lately?

Regardless of what you are reading to stay up with the many earth changes and consciousness changes, the message is generally close to the same: this is the time on our planet for massive transformations within humanity and the earth. It is showing up at every level of life.

The events in the heavens are contributing to the massive and constant changes according to astrologists. The sun is spitting and spewing constantly sending its “fingers” to touch our planet. Animals are coming closer to humans or are dieing and changing migration patternsĀ for no reason. Plants and trees that have been here for a long time are transitioning and changing.

All of this points to a new consciousness rapidly ascending upon and within us and all of life. This is a glorious time to be alive regardless of current circumstances.

This information is all over the internet and the news. Celebrate as humanity and our beautiful planet moves closer to the new world of peace.