A new day, a new time

As we approach 2012, we have many opportunities to claim this to be a new day and a new time in our lives. Instead of focusing on the wars, injustices and collapsing of the old institutions, we can re-focus on new possibilities for a new world.

It is mass consciousness that leads the way of what most people focus on; i.e., news media, television, video games, fashion, conspiracy theories, anything promoting the old way of control and domination, etc.. In a new world where we recognize the power of exponential numbers, the more of us that focus on a new day and a new time and a new world, the faster and easier new ways of being show up.

We DO have the power to change our changing world into the direction that is more life-giving, more appreciative, more nurturing, more joyful, more fulfilling. This time in our world is one of those times when we have more opportunities than we have had in a very long time. The last great change like this was the Great Depression. All of us have an opening to create lives that fuel our spirit.

Consider this time as a blessing to either allow or force us to create ourselves NEW. Look forward to each day as a new day offering us new beginnings. Stop focusing on what is wrong and bad. Start finding the excitment of  the new ways to love life. Each of us has something that makes our heart beat faster with passion for life.

My book, Personal Vibrations: Creating Heart’s Desire from Your Soul, is full of tools to refocus your mind and begin to create the NEW life that is SO available right now.  Go to www.ccampbellphd.com then to the registration page to order it.

What a grand and glorious day and time we are in. By learning to rejoice  in this day, we create the life we truly desire.

Dr. Cassandra