Barefoot College

I watched an amazing video on This is about a brilliant Indian man, Roy Bunker, that went to live in a remote village to help them improve their life. He found that these illiterate people have extraordinary skills and ability to learn and thrive. They build solar panels for electricity, construct buildings with precision. I encourage everyone to watch this. To me it is a testimony of the spirit of human souls and the ability to create a new way of being in this world. 

Our world is imploding rapidly. We need to know about this kind of spirit and ingenuity. I would love to hear about your experience with this great message of hope.

Saying YES to life takes many different avenues. What can you inspire that brings forth that in yourself and the people you connect with.

Blessings in this amazing time!!!



The Global Revolution

Today I watched videos and streaming Twitter accounts of Occupy Austin. The Facebook page for Occupy Austin has several videos and maps of where these Occupy Wall Street events are happening around the world. There are hundreds of Occupy events in every continent happening between now and 12-29-11. This is, indeed, a global human rights finanacial revolution of magnitude. This has been predicted by many native cultures, psychics, Mayan calendar, etc etc.

It seems as if this blossomed suddenly globally as a protest against the financial institutions and governments. And yet, this has been brewing for some time. You would think that the people in government would be paying attention. I’m wondering what it will take for those people to wake and “smell the coffee”.

I imagine that most of us knew when the government bailed out the banks that this was not the answer. For some odd reason, the government did not recognize that. It was obvious that the banks were going to use the bail out for their own salvation when the “big wigs” got huge bonuses and they raised interest rates up to 30% the day before the government put a cap on it.

And now the downfall of the financial illusion is happening in almost every country. Dictators are being defeated, governments are defaulting, banks are insanely expecting to continue by putting the squeeze on the people, natural calamities are occurring everywhere, etc, etc.  This is the beginning of the birthing a new economy and a new world. And all the control and domination of humanity cannot stop it.

This feels like the kind of revolution in America in the 1700’s, the revolution across Europe in the early 1900’s that de-throned royalty, and the civil rights revolution in the 1960’s. It is unmistakable that a new world is immerging! For this we can be excited and grateful.

When something old and out-dated does not go by the wayside voluntarily, the wave of freedom WILL create its downfall. That is human nature. Those that think they can continue the imprisonment of the people have a long way to fall. I have compassion for their soul because that fall is not going to easy. In fact, it could be really ugly for them. You know, that thing called karma wields a really big stick.

Check out the Facebook Occupy Austin and Occupy Wall Street. The internet is aflame with this newest and most needed revolution.

Come on New World!!!


Welcome to my Blog

Cassandra Campbell PhD

 Welcome to my blog. I am looking forward to inspiring interchanges with you. My passion in life has been and is to provide avenues for us to transform our past programming and begin to live the lives of joy and abundance we are meant to live.

I have many things to share and will do my best to keep the writings short enough to consume in 10-15 minutes.

Thanks for joining me on this journey and participating in envisioning a new world of laughter, happiness, integrity, honor and love.