Transformational Thought Technology Description


Dr. Cassandra Campbell

Dr. Cassandra Campbell

Transformational Thought Technology
with Dr. Cassandra Campbell 

Did you ever wonder how life could get better than this?
It happens all the time!

Just as an over-burdened, outdated computer cannot provide the needed programming to keep up with new technology, so our personal programming becomes outdated and is stuck in limited capacity. With a computer, we can search for files and programs we no longer need and delete them to create more space for an upgrade. With our outdated conditioned mind and Dr. Campbell’s technology, we can do the same thing. This then provides the opening in our perception of life to move forward and expand/ upgrade life, relationships and business into what we want NOW.

Upgrading our internal processor can be easy. There is no need to re-live anything from the past. Creating new ideas, thoughts and actions gets easier and more natural. Then the positive affirmations have a place to grow quickly.

This is a unique tool that has the ability to transmute and transcend limiting beliefs, fears, and insecurities in daily life very rapidly and, apparently, permanently. We incorporate the scientifically proven connections of the heart and the cells of the bodies consciously. We include the tools from The Power of Now by Eckert Tolle, The Science of Compassion by Gregg Braden, the technology of HeartMath, Inc, Paul Pearsall’s The Heart’s Code, Bruce Lipton’s New Cellular Biology, and other transformational methods. We use guided meditations and self-affirming acknowledgments to help raise the frequencies of the bodies and the soul. 

Scientifically we know that there is an electromagnetic field generated by thought. This is the means by which brain waves, memories and emotions can be detected in the brain. Positive and negative electromagnetic charge is the glue that holds this reality together. It starts at the atomic level. Atoms have electrons and neutrons, which carry negative and positive charges. Atoms accumulate to make molecules. Molecules accumulate and make cells; cells accumulate and make tissue; and then organs. Eventually in this process, we are able to see these with the human eye as they become denser. As this process continues, we eventually have bodies, trees, plants, etc.

Judgments /thoughts/beliefs are held in place with electromagnetic resonance. Scientists call this an electrically charged polarized energy field. 

This works with the cellular resonance field of the body. It transcends the mind and transmutes things in all areas of life, especially the ones that most people are concerned about – relationships, career and money. As this occurs, gradually the Being that we truly are begins to show up.

Dr. Campbell’s transformational technology utilizies the electromagnetic field of the body and soul to create openings people need to improve their lives NOW!

We have the ability to be fully present in the moment. When we have thought-technology tools for transforming our lives on a daily basis, we do not create new limitations.

Our intention is:
 §  to provide a way and a space for people to connect with their Inner Knowing in a way that allows easy integration of that into daily life
 §  to provide a place to laugh, have fun and transmute life’s pain and suffering without having to re-live it.
 §  to provide an experience of authentic connections with people in their lives
 §  to provide an ability to prosper with integrity and honor in all aspects of life.

This is a unique part of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine that is being validated by physics and bio-chemical research. It was established as a modality at the  Comprehensive Energy Psychology Association conventions in 2001 and 2002 by Dr. Campbell and team.

The procedure is very simple. We have learned to ask questions in a certain way that engages the body, mind, soul. These questions are usually too large for the conditioned mind to answer; so the answer comes energetically from the electromagnetic field. A simple example of these questions is, “How many decisions have you ever made throughout all of time and space in relation to this problem?” Obviously the conditioned mind cannot even comprehend the answer. Once the answer shows up energetically, we ask the body, mind, soul to release, clear and transform it into pure love and light.

Dr. Campbell is very skilled at identifying the questions that will lead to the greatest release of the old patterns. She has learned to intuitively follow the promptings of the body, mind, soul for the fastest and most effective results. She has used this technology with hundreds of people since 1997.

Transformational Thought Technology is
More Intentional.
More Self-Empowerment.
More Self-help Tools for Daily Life.
More Awareness of Automatic Thought Processes and Automatic Reactions.

The most common report from people is that they notice that they are not stressed as much and they are laughing more; the invisible walls and ceilings are gone, fears that were controlling them are going away or are gone; they cannot maintain old behaviors or emotions. They notice that prosperity in many ways is showing up more than before.

This is a tool that allows us to enjoy life and relationships in every moment! It is a tool for achieving awareness and consciousness of your true Being while living in this world!







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